The Silo District

The Silos

The Silo District at the Lost Pines Art Center in Bastrop, Texas, features four fully renovated silos that will serve as art studios for various mediums. The glassworks silo, the first of four, is now open! The rest of the silos will be open soon. Be sure to check back for updates.


The Glassblowing Silo is a unique and historical space located in back of the Art Center.  The four silos here that make up “The Silo District” are original to the property and were used as grain silos in the 19th/ 20th Century.  Renovation on Silo 1 was completed in the fall of 2018, and the Glass Silo has been in full use ever since.


Coming Soon!  We will be creating a metal shop for blacksmithing.  Learn to work with iron and steel, using fire and tools to bend and shape the metal into functional/ artistic pieces.  These classes will be open to the public, and there will be opportunities for private events as well.  Stay tuned for more!


Fused Glass

Coming Soon!  We will be offering classes in fused glass.  Glass fusion involves melting two pieces of glass together by partially melting it at a high temperature.  Colors and design are only limited by your imagination. Stay tuned for an announcement of the opening and class schedule.  This class will be available for private events as well.

Image: Blue Morpho Butterfly, by Ele Chew

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