I have to say, one of the things I love about our group is the camaraderie and joy we share for the creative process. As we work, stories emerge that strengthen our bonds of communal experience. If you want some stress relief and to be around a group of lovely, inspired people, please consider joining us on each first Saturday for whatever project we decide to tackle.

This session we did neurographic art, a delightfully intuitive practice that releases the flotsam of inspiration floating around in your brain. Although there is a definite process to getting it started the end result is as unique as the individual. Lines and color combine in unexpected ways to produce really interesting results. Below are the pieces we did that day, though I am sure some got tweaked when they went home. (smile)

She used watercolor in tints that all were blended from one blue.
Acrylic ink. Very bright and colorful.
Colored pencil. Love the alternating thin and thick lines.
Koi watercolors (can’t see, but many are metallic). Added some “neuro” lines for added interest.

Next session we will be learning how to make and use a form of air-dry clay called Cold Porcelain. This type of air-dry clay is perfect for making flowers and jewelry. We will explore several different simple recipes and techniques as a springboard for future, more complex discovery. I am unable to find my pieces at the moment (ugh, too much stuff!), so the pictures below are not my creations (I pulled them off Pinterest). But I will have some examples to show when we meet.

Our next session is April 2nd at the same time (11:00 – 1:00 or 2:00 depending on if we need the time). Let’s get our hands working! See you there!…..Louise