Saturday February 12th the Creatives met again and had a wonderful time doing something just plain fun.

We made Pop-Up Valentine cards! I brought several examples of different types of cards but we only had time to do one. (sigh) But wow! There were some beauties!

And the stories shared about who was going to receive those lovely cards was really sweet. As before, there was laughter and a camaraderie that only a gaggle of free spirits can generate.

Below are some of the cards we made. (Some of the folks had to leave early so we did not see their finished pieces but I just know they were amazing.)

Our next session is on March 5th from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. We will be diving into a form of therapeutic art called Neurographica. (Below are several examples.) This technique has only been around for about 8 years and is often used to help heal emotional trauma in cases such as PTSD and abuse. However, we are going to explore this fascinating form of art as a way to tap into our intuition. It can be whimsical, complex, simple, monochromatic, colorful, or just ethereal. It can be very meditative and downright addictive. Please join our creative community and discover a place of unconditional acceptance with a sprinkle of creative glitter…………………………Louise

Carnival Colors
Round and Shine