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The Lost Pines Art Center features a variety of fine art from across the world. We take pride in showcasing the works of some of the most prominent artists in Texas and beyond. We welcome you to visit the Art Center, where you’ll discover beautiful and provocative artwork in a wide array of mediums—from oils, acrylics, watercolors, alcohol inks, and pastels to sculpture, mosaics, ceramics and pottery, glass, metal, wood work, fiber arts, mixed media pieces, photography, and more.

If you’re interested in showing your work in our juried Art of the Pines Gallery, please email us at and our team of talent scouts will be in touch shortly.


Themes and variations

Enid Wood, PSA, PSNM, Nov. 1st- Dec. 31st, 2019

Enid’s Story~
Denver native Enid Wood has a degree in art education from Westminster College, where she studied portrait, figure, and still life painting in pastel and oils with Don Doxey. Later, she studied art history at Yale as part of an interdisciplinary masters degree program. Painting is her second career, after more than 30 years as a violin teacher in Britain and the USA. She has studied pastel landscape painting with Albert Handell. Enid’s colorful paintings appear in numerous national and international exhibitions, and have been awarded a multitude of prizes. She enjoys brisk sales in several Texas galleries. Her paintings hang in corporate and private collections worldwide. Enid has been elected to signature status in the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of New Mexico, and is an Associate with Distinction in American Women Artists. She is a frequent contributor to Pastel Journal, and paints both in her Bastrop studio and outdoors. 

Learn more about Enid here:  Enid Wood


Squatters rights

Carol Lyon, Nov. 1st- Dec. 31, 2019

Carol Lyon always captures wildlife like no one can.  She spent time as a zookeeper in California, where she was close enough to the animals to capture their subtle glances and candid moments.  She creates dramatic backgrounds to highlight these moments, and in her exhibit, Squatters Rights, she places primates in human environments.

Carol’s statement:

“Humans put themselves higher on the evolutionary ladder than primates, but haven’t primates been on the planet longer? When combined with human environs, they look extraordinarily at home.  Are we just seeing them through prejudiced eyes? By expression, stance and attitude, these “squatters” belong next door.  In fact, some look just like my real neighbors.”



Art Squared

Nov. 26th 2019- January 31st 2020

It’s that time of year!  Enjoy works from over 30 artists in a wide range of styles and mediums.  Pieces are 12″ squared, and at a great price for the season of gift giving!  View this exhibit in the Art of the Pines Gallery.


Artist of The Month

Tracy Loring

Tracy’s  Story:   Originally from California, Tracy Loring now resides in Bastrop, Texas where she enjoys boating and exploring Texas backroads. In addition to being a photographer, Tracy is a mixed media artist, art teacher, and creative coach. Her classes focus on tapping into the budding artist inside each of us. She creates unique experiences for her students where they can connect to their creative spirit and fully express themselves. You can often find her with paint on her hands in her art studio or classroom. For more information and a list of upcoming classes, see her web site at .

Artist’s Statement:   I am constantly amazed at the beauty of nature. From the smallest details to the most majestic vistas, I love capturing the world around me through my lenses. I created my first homemade pinhole camera as a freshman in high school and have been hooked on photography ever since.
Over the years I’ve come to focus my work on nature and landscapes. I love finding the special beauty hiding in everyday objects. My husband and I like to boat and hike and I take the bulk of my photographs on our excursions.
My life’s passion is expressing and sharing the beauty of the world through my art. My hope is that through my images you might connect to the beauty that surrounds you each and every day, and in doing so, you connect to yourself as well.
Artist Biography 


members gallery

In the Mezzanine

Our Members Gallery displays art work exclusively from Lost Pines Art League members, who come from around Texas and beyond.  You will  always see a wide variety of styles and mediums.  Over 80 works of art are displayed on both floors of the Members Exhibit, and new work is rotated every three months.  So come in and enjoy the collection from local and regional artists.  


November 2019~ William Clay, Egg Tempera Paintings

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Enid Wood, Pastels

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Carol Lyon, Photography

Dec./ Jan. 2019-20~ Square Show

January 2020- Faye Barber, Wild World


Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Brian Joseph, “Bydeeman”

Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Central Texas Pastel Society

Apr./ May 2020~ Lucy Todd, Watercolor

Apr./ May 2020~ Masks, “Maskenfreiheit”


William “Jim” Clay

Faye Barber

Carol Lyon

Enid Wood


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