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The Lost Pines Art Center features a variety of fine art from across the world. We take pride in showcasing the works of some of the most prominent artists in Texas and beyond. We welcome you to visit the Art Center, where you’ll discover beautiful and provocative artwork in a wide array of mediums—from oils, acrylics, watercolors, alcohol inks, and pastels to sculpture, mosaics, ceramics and pottery, glass, metal, wood work, fiber arts, mixed media pieces, photography, and more. 

At the moment, we are showing virtual exhibits by our members.  You can see below, our past exhibits, and check out our You Tube channel for these and other exhibits, along with past performances at the Art Center.


Artist Spotlight Series

Joycelyn Schedler

Joycelyn’s Story:   

Joycelyn Schedler spent many afternoons as a young girl drawing in her Big Chief tablet under the live oaks of rural South Texas, USA. Thus began her interest in capturing the beauty of trees, animals, the sky, flowers, barns, fields and the many other objects of her world. Joycelyn primarily works in the medium of soft (dry) pastel.

Sharing her love of the pastel medium with others is a passion for Joycelyn. She leads mini-workshops and teaches an Introduction to Pastels class. By invitation, Joycelyn has been the Pastel Painting Instructor for A.R.T. at Mo Ranch Conference teaching beginner pastelists for five days. At the end of the week, her students proudly display their art in a student exhibit. She has also taught workshops for Lost Pines Art Center in Bas- trop, Texas as well as private classes in her home.
Recognizing her excellent grasp of the pastel medium, the Pastel Society of America juried her in as an Associate Member in 2018. Joycelyn completed an art residency at International Art Residence Pro Vobis in Assisi, Italy where five of her paintings were accepted into the 3rd International Contemporary Art Exhibition at Palazzo FRANCHI.

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Organizations: Pastel Society of America – Juried Associate Member since 2018
Austin Pastel Society, Austin, Texas – Member since 2012 (President 2016-2018; Work- shop Chair 2014 & 2015; Social Media Chair 2019-present; Membership Chair 2020)
Lost Pines Art League, Bastrop, Texas – Member since 2012
Publications: Art In The Pines Newsletter, Austin Pastel Society E-newsletter  

Click here to view Joycelyn’s virtual exhibit.  All artwork is for sale, click here to see the price list. Art work may be picked up or shipped to select areas. Contact us for more.

Interview with Mrs. Schedler

Q. What motivates you as an artist?

A. My fascination with observation. I am constantly studying everything. On my daily walks, I look at the trees and the clouds and the paths and the ponds, etc. As I look at them, I take note of how they relate to each other. Even in the car wash, I was excited by the patterns of the soap on the windshield…how they formed and then were destroyed by the spraying water which created more patterns. The possibilities for inspiration are endless! 

Q. What/Who are some of your influences?

A.  Intentionally, I thank God for providing a world full of inspiration and wonder. I believe He created all things for our good and I have a deep appreciation for Him at the base of all that I do, including my art. I have always enjoyed the work of the Impressionist painters. Monet, Manet, Renoir and Cassat are some of my favorites. As far as me becoming an artist, I owe that to the encouragement of Enid Wood. She began a pastel class in our neighborhood and I joined just for something fun to do on my then day off which was Monday. In no time, I was hooked on the gratification of creating a painting and craved that time of relaxation. I also make a point to keep honing my craft. I attend pastel art conferences and painting workshops by local, nationally and internationally known artists. I glean something from each to add to my own style of painting.

Q. What is your preferred medium and why?

A. My preferred medium is soft (dry) pastel. I love that there is nothing between me and my medium. No brush; just my fingers holding a pastel stick and applying the pigment straight to
the surface. Pastels also play to my need for immediate gratification as there is no drying time. What you see is what you get and best of all, it can all be changed in an instant. I can create hard lines, blend marks into soft lines, layer colors or leave them as they come in the stick.
Pastels are so versatile.

Q. Does your artwork represent something about you personally.  If so, how?

A.  In my previous professional life, I worked in careers with lots of structure and policies. I made it a point early on in my painting career to strive to be loose and impressionistic. It doesn’t come easily for me as my tendency is to keep working until the painting looks structured (tight). Those
paintings are good, but the ones that I leave with softer edges and mystery make me the happiest. These days, I work at creating a more playful, less stressful life. I hope that is reflected
in my paintings!

Q. How do you overcome “dry” periods, when you have less inspiration?

A. Commissioned paintings are more about fulfilling what the customer wants rather than my own inspiration. I like to keep some of those without deadlines on my back burner when my muse is taking the day off. When I deliver the commissioned painting, I am rewarded with the satisfaction and happiness of my customer. This “win”puts me right back in the groove of finding something that I am inspired to paint. God’s inspiration is everywhere. See answer to question

Q. How has your artwork evolved through time?

A.  Though I started seriously painting as an adult, I have been drawing since I was a young child. We mostly lived in the country way before cell phones and computers. Many times, I would just take a pencil and a Big Chief writing pad (some will have to Google that!) and draw what I saw… trees, clouds, cows, fences, flowers. These same subjects still capture my interest today. In the beginning, I was happy when I could create a piece of art that looked just like my reference photo. Over time, I have developed the skills and confidence to only paint enough detail to represent (and hopefully improve upon) the reference material. These days, I strive to create a
unique painting, not just a copy. 

Q. Do you set goals or deadlines for yourself in creating new pieces, or does the process happen organically ?

A. Both! I like to participate in painting competitions. This is both exhilarating and disheartening. You have to have thick skin. I definitely receive more “thank you, but your artwork was not
selected at this time” than “Congratulations! Your artwork has been accepted” letters. Both responses spur me on to continue learning and improving and entering again next time! On the
other hand, I oWen see an object or take a nature photo that I simply feel like painting. Often
times, I look through reference photos and all of sudden one speaks to me and I feel the need to paint it immediately. Those paintings generally happen very quickly because I have seen the
subject many times when perusing my reference photos and so it’s like I have mentally already
painted it. 

Q. What do you feel is the value of artists (visual, performing, literary) in society? What role do they play?

A.  Balance and knowledge. Most people (myself included for most of my life) work a job that pays the bills, but maybe doesn’t provide an outlet for fun and learning. Art in all of its forms
provides that “other side of life”. It opens the eye and mind to different places, cultures, emotions and more than are present in a closed life experience

Q. What advice do you have for young or aspiring artists?

A. Create what moves YOU! All of that energy will show in your art and you will enjoy the process.
The observer may not know why, but they will feel something when they see your work. That something is a piece of you, the artist. 

Q.  What other activities spur your creativity?

A.  Being an artist can sometimes be a lonely occupation. I have a very social side of me that needs to be around people. I make it a point to attend art exhibits and shows when I can. I also began acting in community theater a few years ago. That is definitely a group activity. Many hours are spent with your cast members and director. I realized very quickly that it was important that I know all my lines and where to be on stage as it directly affects the lines and placement of the other actors. The real reward comes when the audience responds to the story in such a way that you know they set aside their cares of the day and were transported to another world. I am happy to provide that escape even if only for a couple of hours.




The Spotlight Continues…

Here are a selected works by member, Maribel Mast and her exhibit, “Memories”.  You can view her full Artist Spotlight exhibit here.

All works are for sale, click here to request a price list.

Members Exhibit~ Night Life

A virtual collection of works in several mediums by Members of the Lost Pines Art League. 

All pieces are for sale. 

Please contact us for a price list and more information here.

Looking Glass Arch

Jim Jordan, Photography

Austin Lights- 1990's

Howard Hobratschk, Photography


Theresa Dawson, (MLJ Studio), Acrylic

Now Hiring

John Schaeffer, Acrylic

Owling at the Moon

Maria Montoya Hohenstein, (Painted Bunting Art Gallery), Tempered Glass

The Glamorous Life

Jeff Stayton, (Painted Bunting Art Gallery), Digital Image in Glass

The Great Horned Owl

Wendy Layne, Colored Pencil


Faye Barber, Acrylic

Peacock Moon

Chris Knioum, Oil

Scratch + Foul

Randy Robinson, Oil

Enchanted Rock

David Castillo, Photography


BertzinEc, Pyrography

Members Exhibit~ Modern Pathways

A virtual collection of abstract and modern pieces by Members of the Lost Pines Art League. 

All pieces are for sale. 

Please contact us for a price list and more information here.


Enid Wood, Pastel


Center of the Universe

Tracy Loring, Photography

Blue Wave

Liam Douglass, Photography

City Lights

Rick Jones, Acrylic

Cosmic Night I

Claudia Savio, Watercolor


Charleen Baugh, Photography


Ashley Rodcerick, Gouache Monotype

Two Vases

Louise Placek, Monoprint/Collage

Oak Grain Vase

Jared Rosenacker- JFR Glass, Blown Glass

Tomorrow's World

Debbie Bredemus, Acrylic

Members Exhibit~ Wandering

A virtual collection of works depicting nature, from Members of the Lost Pines Art League. 

All pieces are for sale.  You may contact us for a price list and more information here.

A Perfect Moment

Tracy Loring, Photography

Morning Light

Paul Licce, Photography

Ladybug on White

Howard Hobratschk, Photography

Mock Orange

Liam Douglass, Photography


Jim Woodruff, Sandstone/Slate

Original Tweet

Wendy Layne, Colored Pencil

Woodpeckers of Costa Rica

Sherry Nelson, Oil

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Ele Chew, Fused Glass

Glass Flowers

Mark Rendulic, Blown Glass

Ghost Flowers

Gaila Hitt, Alcohol Ink- Acrylic- Mixed Media


Roberto Ugalde, Oil

members gallery

In the Mezzanine

Our Members Gallery displays art work exclusively from Lost Pines Art League members, who come from around Texas and beyond.  You will  always see a wide variety of styles and mediums.  Over 80 works of art are displayed on both floors of the Members Exhibit, and new work is rotated every three months.  So come in and enjoy the collection from local and regional artists.  


November 2019~ William Clay, Egg Tempera Paintings

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Enid Wood, Pastels

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Carol Lyon, Photography

Dec./ Jan. 2019-20~ Square Show

January 2020- Faye Barber, Wild World


Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Brian Joseph, “Bydeeman”

Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Central Texas Pastel Society

Apr./ May 2020~ Lucy Todd, Watercolor

Apr./ May 2020~ Masks, “Maskenfreiheit”


William “Jim” Clay

Faye Barber

Carol Lyon

Enid Wood


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