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The Lost Pines Art Center features a variety of fine art from across the world. We take pride in showcasing the works of some of the most prominent artists in Texas and beyond. We welcome you to visit the Art Center, where you’ll discover beautiful and provocative artwork in a wide array of mediums—from oils, acrylics, watercolors, alcohol inks, and pastels to sculpture, mosaics, ceramics and pottery, glass, metal, wood work, fiber arts, mixed media pieces, photography, and more.  


Night Life

A virtual collection of works in several mediums by Members of the Lost Pines Art League. 

All pieces are for sale. 

Please contact us for a price list and more information here.

Looking Glass Arch

Jim Jordan, Photography

Austin Lights- 1990's

Howard Hobratschk, Photography


Theresa Dawson, (MLJ Studio), Acrylic

Now Hiring

John Schaeffer, Acrylic

Owling at the Moon

Maria Montoya Hohenstein, (Painted Bunting Art Gallery), Tempered Glass

The Glamorous Life

Jeff Stayton, (Painted Bunting Art Gallery), Digital Image in Glass

The Great Horned Owl

Wendy Layne, Colored Pencil


Faye Barber, Acrylic

Peacock Moon

Chris Knioum, Oil

Scratch + Foul

Randy Robinson, Oil

Enchanted Rock

David Castillo, Photography


BertzinEc, Pyrography

Modern Pathways

A virtual collection of abstract and modern pieces by Members of the Lost Pines Art League. 

All pieces are for sale. 

Please contact us for a price list and more information here.


Enid Wood, Pastel


Center of the Universe

Tracy Loring, Photography

Blue Wave

Liam Douglass, Photography

City Lights

Rick Jones, Acrylic

Cosmic Night I

Claudia Savio, Watercolor


Charleen Baugh, Photography


Ashley Rodcerick, Gouache Monotype

Two Vases

Louise Placek, Monoprint/Collage

Oak Grain Vase

Jared Rosenacker- JFR Glass, Blown Glass

Tomorrow's World

Debbie Bredemus, Acrylic


A virtual collection of works depicting nature, from Members of the Lost Pines Art League. 

All pieces are for sale.  You may contact us for a price list and more information here.

A Perfect Moment

Tracy Loring, Photography

Morning Light

Paul Licce, Photography

Ladybug on White

Howard Hobratschk, Photography

Mock Orange

Liam Douglass, Photography


Jim Woodruff, Sandstone/Slate

Original Tweet

Wendy Layne, Colored Pencil

Woodpeckers of Costa Rica

Sherry Nelson, Oil

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Ele Chew, Fused Glass

Glass Flowers

Mark Rendulic, Blown Glass

Ghost Flowers

Gaila Hitt, Alcohol Ink, Acrylic, Mixed Media


Roberto Ugalde, Oil

Benefit for Australia

Feb. 8th- March 7th, 2020.

The Lost Pines Art Center will host a special exhibit, with works from local member artists depicting wildlife. A portion of the proceeds will go to the aid and recovery of so much wildlife lost and injured in the devastating fires in Australia.  The show will be featured in the Art of the Pines Gallery. The opening reception will be Sat. Feb. 8th from 6-8pm.

members gallery

In the Mezzanine

Our Members Gallery displays art work exclusively from Lost Pines Art League members, who come from around Texas and beyond.  You will  always see a wide variety of styles and mediums.  Over 80 works of art are displayed on both floors of the Members Exhibit, and new work is rotated every three months.  So come in and enjoy the collection from local and regional artists.  


November 2019~ William Clay, Egg Tempera Paintings

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Enid Wood, Pastels

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Carol Lyon, Photography

Dec./ Jan. 2019-20~ Square Show

January 2020- Faye Barber, Wild World


Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Brian Joseph, “Bydeeman”

Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Central Texas Pastel Society

Apr./ May 2020~ Lucy Todd, Watercolor

Apr./ May 2020~ Masks, “Maskenfreiheit”


William “Jim” Clay

Faye Barber

Carol Lyon

Enid Wood


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