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The Lost Pines Art Center features a variety of fine art from across the world. We take pride in showcasing the works of some of the most prominent artists in Texas and beyond. We welcome you to visit the Art Center, where you’ll discover beautiful and provocative artwork in a wide array of mediums—from oils, acrylics, watercolors, alcohol inks, and pastels to sculpture, mosaics, ceramics and pottery, glass, metal, wood work, fiber arts, mixed media pieces, photography, and more.

At the moment, we are showing virtual exhibits by our members.  You can see below, our past exhibits, and check out our You Tube channel for these and other exhibits, along with past performances at the Art Center.



Janus Lee, Featured Artist

Member, Janus Lee, is our Featured Artist for June- August, 2022.  Here is her solo exhibition, “American Dreams: Lost and Found”.  You can view select pieces at the Art Center.  All works here are for sale, just click on the price list below for more information.  Click on the images below, to view full screen.



ELEMENTS- “Shine On”

Price List for Elements- Shine On

“Shine On” is our last installment of our online series- Elements.  This collection explores how metal is everywhere around us, giving structure, beauty and purpose.  All works are from our Members and are for sale. Arrangements can be made for a private viewing of art work.  We offer in person, and online purchases.  

All listed pieces are shown below. Click on the images to enlarge to full screen.




Price List for Black History Month Exhibit

In celebration of Black History month, we created a virtual show featuring works by the Members of the Lost Pines Art League.  All works are original and depict the beauty, culture and resonance of the African American community.

All listed pieces are shown below. Click on each image to see the full piece.


members gallery

In the Mezzanine

Our Members Gallery displays art work exclusively from Lost Pines Art League members, who come from around Texas and beyond.  You will  always see a wide variety of styles and mediums.  Over 100 works of art are displayed on both floors of the Members Exhibit, and new work is rotated every three months.  So come in and enjoy the collection from local and regional artists.

 PAST EXHIBITS, 2019-2020

November 2019~ William Clay, Egg Tempera Paintings

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Enid Wood, Pastels

Nov./ Dec. 2019~ Carol Lyon, Photography

Dec./ Jan. 2019-20~ Square Show

January 2020- Faye Barber, Wild World


Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Brian Joseph, “Bydeeman”

Feb./ Mar. 2020~ Central Texas Pastel Society

Apr./ May 2020~ Lucy Todd, Watercolor

Apr./ May 2020~ Masks, “Maskenfreiheit”


William “Jim” Clay

Faye Barber

Carol Lyon

Enid Wood


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