Wesak Full Moon Meditation Ceremony/ Discussion, with Denise Rodgers, M.Div.

Sat., May 18th, 2:30-4:00pm. Cost: $25

For the past 2500 years, when the Sun is in Taurus and the Full Moon rises in the sign of Scorpio, the Wesak Full Moon Festival is celebrated as the spiritual high point of the year.   For 2019, May 18th is a very special and auspicious time that marks the bridging of both the Eastern traditions of Gautama, The Buddha, with the Western traditions of Jesus, The Christ.  Together they form a sacred union that sets the course for humanity’s destiny in the coming year.  Held high in the Himalayan mountains, several hundred miles west of Llasa, India, Wesak is celebrated worldwide as Buddha’s birthday.  Often referred to as the “Journey toward Home,” the Wesak Festival is believed to be a time of personal liberation, awakening, and transformation.   Participate in this ancient tradition and discover the “Secret” behind Wesak with Denise Rodgers, M.Div., Chaplain for Serenity Hospice, and facilitator of the Mind, Body, & Spirit Self-Empowerment Programs which have been offered over the past 25 years.  Results of the MBS program have been published in peer-reviewed journals.


Denise Rodgers

**Refunds will only be issued for class postponements/ cancellations.


  • May 18, 2019
    2:30 pm - 4:00 pm