You may choose your days or take all 3 for a discount!
Day One: Pen and Ink Drawing of Vintage Cars, Trucks, or Surf Boards
   Day Two: A Puzzle of Me- Self Portrait
   Day Three: Painting Cactus in Mixed Media
***All supplies are provided for classes.
Refunds and credits are only issued for class postponements and cancellations.
Lori Ann Rodriguez
Lori Ann’s Story:
 As a young artist I started with putting on outdoor shows. It was at one of the local outdoor shows that other artists asked me to join Lost Pines Art Center. I have had the great pleasure to teach children art classes, put on demos and showcase my art work for over fifteen years. I had the great honor to call Bastrop my home town.
 As an artist I have worked in a variety of different media. However, acrylic texture paint is my favorite media. Working in this unique media is amazing!  The sculpture is created from a molding from objects like sauces with using a palette knife. Once the layer is dry than I paint on top of the acrylic sculpture with brush work. I always tell people that it is painting paint. The media is achieved by applying layers and layers of paint on top of each other.
I study at Austin Community College and Texas State University. Eat em’ up cats! I am working on my Bachelors in art with a sub specialty in painting, than I plan to get my teaching certification attached. I have worked in educating for over five years. I have a passion to be on both side of the classroom as a teacher and student. My favorite quote is “teach and be tough.”
  • Drawing Day 1
     June 26, 2024
     11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Puzzle Self Portrait
     June 27, 2024
     11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Mixed Media Cactus
     June 28, 2024
     11:00 am - 1:00 pm