You may choose one or both days!
Day One: Castle Creations!
        Three dimensional art projects are great fun! Come join as we embrace creating student wild fantasts into sculpture. Students will create a castle or other three dimensional work out of card board. First, we are going to create sketches before we start to build. The material that we are going to using is Elmer’s glue, scissors, paper towel rolls, construction paper and card board. Students can finish there piece with the options of using construction paper and paint for a finishing touch. Student will be taking home one cardboard creation!
(The teacher will assist with the hot glue gun.)
Second project is creating characters for the castle with colored pencils, pens and markers!
Day Two: Coral Reefs
    Come get hooked under the sea with us! We are going to explore the coral life and recreate it! Student are going to create the ocean scenes with large black paper, glow in the dark paint and chalk! If you have never created artwork with chalk now is the time! We wills start off with sketches that will develop into in ocean scene with corals and other sea life! I will helping students create and build there art work!  I will have samples to draw there designs and sample castle for student to engage in there own construction process.
Lori Ann Rodriguez
Lori Ann’s Story:
 As a young artist I started with putting on outdoor shows. It was at one of the local outdoor shows that other artists asked me to join Lost Pines Art Center. I have had the great pleasure to teach children art classes, put on demos and showcase my art work for over fifteen years. I had the great honor to call Bastrop my home town.
 As an artist I have worked in a variety of different media. However, acrylic texture paint is my favorite media. Working in this unique media is amazing!  The sculpture is created from a molding from objects like sauces with using a palette knife. Once the layer is dry than I paint on top of the acrylic sculpture with brush work. I always tell people that it is painting paint. The media is achieved by applying layers and layers of paint on top of each other.
I study at Austin Community College and Texas State University. Eat em’ up cats! I am working on my Bachelors in art with a sub specialty in painting, than I plan to get my teaching certification attached. I have worked in educating for over five years. I have a passion to be on both side of the classroom as a teacher and student. My favorite quote is “teach and be tough.”
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  • Castles
     June 21, 2023
     2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Coral Reefs
     June 22, 2023
     2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Coral Reefs
     June 22, 2023
     2:00 pm - 3:30 pm