Art Heals


Active Military

First Responders

& their Families

Building Resilience and Wellness

through the Power of Art

Our Healing Arts Program will officially kick off in 2020, with art classes designed for veterans, active military, and first responders.  Since families also experience the trauma, stress, or anxiety brought on by their loved ones’ work, we welcome them into the program as well.

All of these individuals play a crucial role in our society, but are often overlooked in terms of their emotional and mental health.  Our Instructors in the Healing Arts Program will aim to address these issues, and provide a positive, relaxing, and creative environment.  This approach has been proven to boost confidence, emotional stability and their overall well being.

Together, with our community partners, Bastrop County Cares, HEB, and Texas Commission on the Arts, we are currently building the program to fit the needs of our targeted population residing in Bastrop County.  Some of the classes offered will be painting, drawing, glassblowing and other glass arts, blacksmithing, textiles and more.  Stay tuned for more information as we look forward to a much needed and exciting program.

Coming Soon! We will have our first sessions for Veterans and First Responders during the Art Immersion Weekend at the Art Center, March 19-21st, 2020!  For Veterans and Active Military, we are offering a Wood Carving session, and for First Responders, we will offer Glassblowing.  Contact us for more information.

Seniors and Youth
In 2021 and beyond, our Healing Arts Program will extend to seniors and at risk youth in Bastrop County.  We held a few sessions of Healing Arts Classes for these groups earlier in 2019, and students left with a deeper sense of confidence, purpose, and creativity.

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