Lost Pines Studio F

Sharon Bibbee

Sharon manages the Lost Pines Studio F Fine Arts Gallery which is location on the second floor of the Lost Pines Art Center.

Sharon is a professional artist and jewelry designer.  Many of her works of art are on display in Studio F.  While Sharon is an active painter, she also features several other local artists in her gallery such Shou Ping’s watercolor paper sculpture; Leslie Kell’s graphic design collages and 1st addition prints; Jane Fier, Marilyn Rodriguez, Gordon Doig, Elaine and Ron Griffin, Elena Orlenova, Joy Timmons and others.  Sharon’s gallery is filled with hand crafted, hand painted and a wide assortment of boutiques items.  Visiting Lost Pines Studio and the other galleries on the second floor is a treat to the art lover.


Visual art is stimulating.  One piece of art can trigger a wide range of emotions in those who view it from anger to outright joy and a sense of well-being and peace.