Lux Vetro Collection

The Lost Pines Art Center in association with Caliente Hot Glass proudly present:

The Lux Vetro Collection

On display in Studio E through October 22nd


Optical Illusions Through Glass

The Lux Vetro Collection was created in the pursuit of a meditative experience with the glass, in both creation and viewing of the art.  Peer into each cavern and become lost in the universe captured within.

Loosely translated, “Lux Vetro” is Latin for “light through glass” and as the name suggests, these pieces combine intricate glasswork with various sources of light.
Fun fact for philosophy buffs, the collection also drew inspiration from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, encouraging the viewer to contemplate the essential truth of the collection.  Is the beauty in the art or the illusion? Or perhaps somewhere in between.
To learn more about the artist visit Glen Andrews Art Glass