Challenge Grant Match


We were recently awarded a challenge grant of $150,000 toward completion of the Lost Pines Art Center & Sculpture Garden.

What does that mean?

The Meadows Foundation will match every single dollar we raise through March 1st, 2017, up to $150,000.

Donations of any amount make a big difference:  lots of small donations help us make our way to $150,000.  With our donations and their grant, we’ll have an additional $300,000 for the project.

It gets even better:  if you don’t have funds to donate now, you can make a pledge.  As long as our donations and pledges total $150,000, Meadows will award us the full $150,000.

What does the Art Center mean to Bastrop?

For Artists For the Community
·    More display space for your work, with larger audiences and increased sales

·    More opportunities to teach and take classes

·    Studios and equipment for pottery, glass, wood, stone and metal

·    Access to mentors

·    More events to meet other artists, learn and develop community

·    More supports to publicize your work

·    Increased gallery traffic and art sales support the whole community

·    New meeting event space available to the entire community at reasonable prices

·    Higher sales tax revenue through Art Center and local businesses

·    New business creation and jobs on Chestnut and surrounding area

Thank you for being part of this historic project.


How To Donate:  Contact Patricia Rendulic