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Home P.O. Box R 2158 Highway 304 Smithville Texas 78957 United States Home Phone: (512) 497-9502 Website: The 9E Ranch
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Joan Bohls graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. She and her husband live on the 9E Ranch 10 miles from Bastrop and operate the 9E Ranch Cabins Lost Pines on a 320 acre ranch. The 9E Ranch offers inspiration to the artist spirit with horses, Longhorns, acres of tall pines, vistas, sunrises and beauty unmatched.
In 1997 while viewing Monet’s water lily paintings in Paris, Bohls was inspired to learn to paint. ” I could see his brush strokes and I wanted to grab a brush and paint. It was like having a right brain awaking.” Bohls said. Returning from Paris, Bohls enrolled in art classed at Austin Museum of Art and took workshops. Then in 2000 she was accepted in the University of Texas Visual Art Department where she took 30 college hours in Design and Painting. She has continued her studies taking workshops from June Dudley, Ann Templeton, William Scott Jennings, Ken Auster, Charles Solovek, Ron Rencher and George Stickland.
Joan Bohls loves painting the beauty around her in Plein Aire (outdoors) and is an active member of the Outdoor Painters Society and travels on paint outs with the group several time each year. She is also a member of Oil Painters of America.

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