Galleries within the Lost Pines art center:


Art of the Pines Gallery:

Art of the Pines Gallery


The Art of the Pines gallery is a venue for local and national artists.  It features work from some of the top artists in the country.  This is a rotating show so keep a close eye on the opening and closing dates.




Featured Art Gallery:

Featured Art Gallery

The featured art gallery is located on the lower level and is a theme based show of members artwork that rotates out every month.  The opening coincides with the First Friday Artwalk.






 Members Gallery:

The members gallery is a collection of work from the members of the Lost Pines Art League and rotates out every quarter.  It is hung in the hallways on the lower and mezzanine levels of the art center

Gift Gallery:

The gift gallery is a suite on the lower level of the art center that contains 3 dimensional artwork from members and guest artists