Dell Faubus-  Digital Asset Management

It’s fairly common for most people to have large collections of photos on their home computers, laptops and/or camera phones.   If you’re like most, you might need a little help organizing your digital image collection so you can quickly find those photos you took while on vacation, visiting family, or venturing down your favorite hike and bike trail.

This three-hour workshop will help with your organizing needs with Adobe Lightroom.  This workshop continues on after the Intro to Adobe Lightroom workshop and helps set up a good workflow to organize your photos.  I will cover importing photos, file system naming, the Lightroom Catalog and lastly, backing up your data, and what storage hardware is out there, to help you preserve your precious memories.  (You do not have to take the Intro to Lightroom class to take this class.)

People taking this workshop should have:

– Their own laptop with Adobe Lightroom, or an image editor that allows for the renaming of photos.

– An external hard drive or USB thumb drive will also be helpful, but not necessary, since I will go over hardware in the workshop.

– Materials provided will be in the form of a multiple page handout of notes.

  • Digital Asset Management
    September 14, 2018
    5:30 pm - 8:00 pm